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Soon or later in life there will be limits. Limitations are inevitable but conquerable. It does not
make you feel good. It feels terrible in its encounter but worth going through. You feel
demoralized, victimized, downtrodden, humiliated, and worthless, defeated etc. Your power
is shut down and your speeds slowed but never forget, it is not the end of the story. You
have got to keep going. No quitting, no retreat, no surrender. Moving is the order. Abraham
told his chief servant, “Do not (never) take my son back there, under any
circumstance.(Emphasis mine). His servant asked him, “What if the girl refuses to come
with me?” He answered, my vow is removed upon you, only do not take my son Back there.
This is equal to asking yourself, „what if it does not work out?‟ The answer is, you will learn
something new and you will have write the history that you tried but it did not work out. At
least you did something.
Now, let me talk about limitations.
What is a limitation? Limitation comes from the word limit – A limit is a point at which
something stops being possible or existing. (N): The greatest or smallest amount of
something that is allowed. (Syn) Restrictions-, 2. To stop something from increasing beyond
a particular amount or level (V). 3. To restrict or reduce the amount of something that you or
somebody can have or use.
So, limitation is the „act‟ or „processes of limiting or controlling somebody or something.
LIMITATION stops you/ restrict you /control you/ constraint you/. It can stop your progress,
restrict you growth, control you speed, and or constrain you efforts. For that reason you
must be warned that, limitations are there but that is not the end of the story you must un-
limit them. With determination, no deterrent. Your speed may be small yes that is ok. Your
growth is restricted yes, but not terminated. Despite the fact that your progress is stopped,
rest be assured that it is not the end of the story. Some pregnancies cannot be terminated.
If you try to abort it will terminated you. In fact, abortion is abomination. It is not allowed. So,
don‟t abort yours. Keep going. It might have so many complications but persevere. Keep
going. The joy of having a baby born is not worth to be compared to the suffering you
endured during pregnancy time. Glory be to God because we are more that conquerors
through Christ who strengthens us and we conquers when we hold onto to our faith till the
end of the tunnel.

By IPHBL – Isael Lema 2015

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Soon or later in life there will be limits. Limitations are inevitable but conquerable. It does notmake you feel good. It feels terrible in its encounter but worth going through. You feeldemoralized, victimized, downtrodden, humiliated, and...

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