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Mkristo na Uchumi

Being rich for a Christian is a call;
Being rich for all is a choice we make.
Isael Lema
Kazi Ya Mungu ni Lazima ifanyike kwa Nguvu za Akili, Mwili
na Mali.
Kwa Hiyo Uchumi Unatuhusu Mno Kama Wakristo
Lema Isael - Mkristo na Uchumi
Kumcha Bwana ni chanzo cha Maarifa (Mithali 1:7)
“Bwana Mkombozi wako, mtakatifu wa Israeli, asema hivi; Mimi ni Bwana,
Mungu wako, nikufundishaye ili upate faida, nikuongozaye katika njia
ikupasayo kuifuata. (Isaya 48:17)
Bali utamkumbuka Bwana, Mungu wako, maana ndiye akupaye nguvu za
kupata utajiri; ili alifanye imara agani lake alilowapa baba zako, kama hivi
leo. (Kumb 8:18)
“Utajiri na heshima ziko kwangu, Naam, utajiri udumuo, na haki pia.
(Mithali 8:18)

Why Christian and Economy
• 1. Christ was poor so that we be rich (2Cor
• 2. We are God’s heirs in Christ and with Christ
Jesus – (Rom 8:17; Eph 3:6)
• 3. We are blessed with all blessings in the
spiritual realm – (Rom 10:12)
• 4. When we live Holy we automatically set the
blessings on motion towards us – Psalms 1:1-3
• 5. The blessings of the Lord makes us rich –
Proverb 10:22.
Why Christian and Economy cont….
• 6. Because everything we do shall prosper
(Psalm 1:1-3) and prosperity makes us rich.
• 7. We are called to serve others into their
needs. And the way to do that is to have
money power. (Eph 4:28)
• 8. The world system does need money to buy
and sell. Almost all services are accessed
through money power.
• 9. We have to offer to God burn offerings. We
cannot offer nothing. We shall have money
and wealth in order to become effective and
generous givers.
• 10. We shall lend and not borrow (Deut 28:12
). Vice versa is true if you don’t have money.
• 11. To cultivate life happiness. (………….)
It is very difficult to be happy when your life is
not working in your favor.
• 12. The gospel cannot be preached to the end of
the earth without money power. (Rom 13-15)
• 13. It is the covenant from God. (Deut 28:1-14)
Challenges Projected/Observations
• Many Christians we are struggling with
financial crisis
• Many of the God’s work are incomplete or not
done at all because we cannot support the
budget to make them work.
• Financial constrains are causing many to fall
into troubles and temptation to sin.
• Financial difficulties are disturbing many
families. Make them engage into quarrels.

Causes of Financial Crisis
• Lack of proper planning
• Lack of financial literacy
• Laziness
• Unemployment
• Lack of clear vision
• Non committed
• Overspending
• Lack of investment
• Lack of serving
• Bad debts
• Lack of communication skills
• Lack of creativity
• Bad relationship
• Life style
• Competition
• Not tithing
• Financial curses
• Demonic oppression
• Sinful life
• Confession (Mouth)
I can therefore summarizes this under three
words. You fail or win in anything according to
~ What you think of it; ~ What you say about
it; and ~What you do about it. Hence,
thought, words, actions = Success/Failure.
Why we want you to be rich……
• God hates poverty.
• Poverty is very bad and is associated with curse
• Church depends on you to do the ministry fiscally
• You need a good life according to God’s point of
view (Jeremiah 29:11)
• Your children children's have to inherit from your
wealth (Proverbs 13:22 )
• The enemy uses poverty to degrade you,
demoralize you, discourage you, ridicule your life,
to stress you, to twist you around, to destroy your
self esteem and self image, to hurt your
• For a Christian it is a call
• We want you happy daily
• We want you to able to have your daily needs
in full measure
• Because God himself hate poverty that he
died against it. (2Cor 8:8)
• So that you have something to offer to God
• In order to have something to give to others
(Gal 2:10)

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Lema Isael - Mkristo na Uchumi

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