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JEFFI-Ta has the following Objectives
•    To honor Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and His ministry on earth.
•    To nurture, equip, challenge, strengthening, overseeing and monitoring the church.
•    To conduct group seminars and workshops nationally and internationally.
•    To connect with other Christian ministries and movements which aims to equip, strengthens, unite, enlighten, and edifying the church universally.
•    To make sure that every individual who avail has discovered God’s purpose in his or her life to work and live that purpose fully.
•    To relief people from suffering through charity works.
•    Help people realize who their, especially in Christ.
•    To discourage secularism and encourage spirituality and purity especially to young people by teaching, exhorting, encouraging them through prayers and praises to God.
•    To teach the advantage of integrity, honesty, transparent, love and humility.
•    To corporate with other society building organizations both nationally and internationally in building the societies spiritually, socially and economically.
•    To conduct knowledgeable seminars to different groups.
•    To conduct Christ centered public talks.
•    To conduct social based activities and programs.
•     To employ as many youth as possible and elders for the work of the ministry.
•    To insist openness and transparency to church members as the one body of Christ.
•    To encourage unity of the church and discourage division and religionism.
•    To spread the love of Christ through various programs. 
•    To restore church reputation through the enduring power of Holy Ghost.
•    To glorify God in daily life at individual basis through transformed mind.
•    To restore spiritual power to church through teachings and prayers.
•    To enrich the life of believers in all ways.
•    To help and support and rehabilitate the deserted peoples in the society. i.e the old, youth,  street children, harlots, disabled and the like.
•    To remind Christian families their responsibility at home and to their society.
•    To teach people how to serve the Lord with their professionals, talents, carriers etc.
•    To enhance the gospel through music (gospel) and by supporting gospel singers through quality recordings both for audio and video.

New Teachings

Christian and Economy

Christian and Economy

Being rich for a Christian is a call;BUTBeing rich for all is a choice we make.Isael LemaKazi Ya Mungu ni Lazima ifanyike kwa Nguvu za Akili, Mwilina Mali.Kwa Hiyo Uchumi Unatuhusu Mno Kama WakristoLema Isael - Mkristo na UchumiKumcha Bwana ni...
Uchaguzi Sahihi

Uchaguzi Sahihi

Somo: UCHAGUZI SAHIHI- Maisha ni Uchaguzi -Mnenaji: Isael Lema.Wahusika: UKWATA Mkoa wa Pare.Tukio: Mkutano Wa Pasaka.Tarehe: 24.03.2016PART I: SEHEMU YA KWANZAUCHAGUZI:UTANGULIZI, TAFSIRI NA MCHAKATOUtangulizi1. Katika maisha kuna chaguzi nyingi za...


Soon or later in life there will be limits. Limitations are inevitable but conquerable. It does notmake you feel good. It feels terrible in its encounter but worth going through. You feeldemoralized, victimized, downtrodden, humiliated, and...

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Word from the Leader

I JEFFI-Ta Leader I would like to tell you this “There is one name, 'the name of Jesus Christ' that every creature has to know it. We human being even more. Liko jina ambalo kila kiumbe lazima kilifahamu, 'jina la Yesu Kristo.' Sisi wanadamu tunatakiwa kulijua zaidi maana ndio lango la mbinguni. Lakini pia ni lango la ufalme wa Mungu na ufalme wa mbinguni. ” Most welcome!

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